BBB and SPI (again)

Hi Guys,

i hope someone can help me.

After playing around with RaPi it is time now for BeagleBoard.

So i bought me a BBB.

I was a bit confused that there is only this google group and no forum in a better “forum-style” what would be much better than this here.
Ok, so what…

What i would like to do is: Get my WS2801 LED´s running on the BBB via spidev

That was no problem on my RaPi.
But here at the BBB it is complete different. I read a lot about activating SPIDEV and it seems to be OK. i can activate SPI0 so i have /dev/spidev1.0 and i can also activate SPI1 when i disable HDMI at the optargs so i get /dev/spidev2.0

Next step are the wires. i need Clock and Data(MOSI) for the WS2801 LED´s.
Am i right that at SPI0 these are 18 and 22 at P9 ?

i tried a lot of combinations and every time i connect the WS2801 and activate the SPI0 the first LED is active and flashes orange.

I am not a pro in programming but i hope i can find some help here.

At the moment i use Debian Wheezy but i also tried the angstrom but i prefere to use debian but if i have to, i will change back to angstrom.

So, it would be great if someone can give me a help to geht these LEDs wired and running.


I often use this image as a pin reference:

There’s also the datasheet but that will take a while…

Thanks Louis thats a great asset.


but at your pin reference i can´t see which pins are SPI0 Clock and MOSI.

Hi Alex,

I have some difficulties making work the spidev with the last kernel, I’m confused between all BB-SPI*.dts, i find some in my /lib/firmware so I don’t if I have to dtc BB-SPIDEV*. So could you provide some basic steps please ?


i stopped working with BBB. I am a “normal” freak and need more support. I am no professional it-expert.
So i am back to raspberry pi, much more boards and support and tutorials in the web.

If you allready have some SPI dts files in /lib/firmware then try to load it by using the echo:
echo BB-SPI0-01 > /sys/devices/bone_capemgr.*/slots

if you want to use SPI1 then you have to disable the HDMI.

But i never get the SPI running as i want.