BBB and virtual box


I want to connect my BBB to my Virtual machine, based on Linux debian wheezy. My host is Windows 8. But I have a problem to communicate with it. I have an USB Cable to power up my BBB and an another cable with 3 pins (GND, RX ,TX) to dialog with it with GTKterm. I see the peripheric USB but when i click on it, this message appears :
USB device Prolific Technology Inc. USB-Serial Controller is busy with a previous request
What can i do to fix it?

Sounds like Virtual Machine isnt hosting your USB drivers which is one reason many people avoid them

teraterm is one option or

roll the dice

turn your windoze box into a dual boot win8/Ubuntu

If you cant do that correctly(requires knowledge of using google) and brick it you can always

wipe it clean and make it a native linux box

Uhmm your welcome

There is no reason to dual boot windows / linux. Windows can be made to view both of these connections with the correct drivers, and communication software. Virtual machine software also generally allows the host OS to pass control of the hardware into it as well.

However, you need to be more clear as to what you’re trying to achieve. puTTY, can be made to communicate with the serial debug output from within windows its self. As can the USB<-> serial gadget.