BBB Arch Linux USB OTG -> USB HOST software modification question

I made wiring change to use USB OTG connector as USB host. But where in system configuration is setting about USB mode?

i try: echo host > /sys/devices/ocp.2/47400000.usb/
but it looks like not working… USB hub appears but lsusb don`t show connected devices?

And LOL question…:wink: maybe that call: (echo host > /sys/devices/ocp.2/47400000.usb/ can be somewhere configured to be changed (default) by system on boot ? i can`t find default USB settings/configuration.

Any ideas?

Interesting. So, where does the power come from?


I soldered data wires (D- D+) and taking power (V+ GND) from bulk pins. Also removed resistor form board. Wiring work is 10x verified. I just don`t find way how make software changes :slight_smile:

After complete work i make DIY writeup if any interests…

2013 m. birželis 13 d., ketvirtadienis 22:59:33 UTC+3, PylXas rašė:

Great! Just make sure on your DIY page you let people know that this will void the warranty on the board, prevent you from being able to power the board over USB,that it is not a OTG port, just a modified host, that there is no over current protection on the 5V, and if you forget and plug in a USB cable to the PC, well, what happens next will not be good.


For sure! Anyway it be great future to have such ability from factory (over jumper on D- D+ in pinout head…), because if you want small box and 2 usb devices… you need to do dirty work…and void warranty and sometimes all board… :slight_smile:

But my question is still unanswered…

2013 m. birželis 13 d., ketvirtadienis 23:21:06 UTC+3, Gerald rašė:

Agreed. I am the hardware team. You need a software person to answer your question. I know of no one that has ever tried this. So I would be surprised to find someone that has done this, but maybe there will be someone.


Did you check the kernel configuration? There is a respective section in the kernel config file

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14.06.2013, в 0:34, Gerald Coley <> написал(а):

I would really be interested in changes to allow the mini to receive power and data like the atrix lapdock supplies.

It seems this should be possible if this is a modified host. I’ve seen it done on other platforms.

Thanks for sharing. I would love to hear more when you are able.