BBB as EtherCAT slave?

Hello All,
I know that AM335x processor has hardware support to build an EtherCAT slave using PRUs.
I’m not sure if it’s possible to use BBB I/O pins to implement it, maybe with an external PHY.
Could anyone give me a feedback about it? It would be a great application for industrial drives.

Thank you.

The pins for Ethercat are not supported on the BBB. Also. The Ethercat is removed in the AM3358 processor, the one used on the latest revision.


Maybe can we hope for the next board revision? Ora maybe for ArduinoTRE?

We have moved to the AM3358. It has no Ethercat. The version of the AM3359 we used was a special binned version. There are no Am3359 that support 1GHz.

The Tre uses the AM3358. Because there are no Am3359 that run at 1GHz.



I know that is an old post. I have a BBB with A6A version with AM3359. In this web page, I can see that this model support Ethercat, but you mentioned that the AM3359 was a special verison. Is it compatible with EtherCAT ?




I’m working on a board with EtherCAT support. It’s based on beaglebone’s design, but looks like Raspberry Pi.

I plan to produce 10 samples of it in November.

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