BBB as mediaplayer via UPnP?

I did some Google-searches but I didn’t find a real clue if my idea is even possible:

I have in one room a device which can connect to UPnP-server and plays a list. I thought I can setup my BBB as UPnP-server for which I guess XMBC is a choice. My final goal would be to play YouTube-Mix via BBB to the UPnP-client/radio. I have seen that there is YouTube-plugin for the XMBC, but does work? I mean does the BBB have sufficient horsepower to play the music?

I checked as well the Beagleboard-wiki, but the entries there are at least one year old and for the xM. AND iffff I wanna give XBMC a test, should I follow the Raspberry hint?

Any ideas, opinion, thoughts would be highly appreciated.


While this may or may not apply to how this plugin would gather the YouTube data. I did experience severe audio stuttering when trying to play YouTube videos via Iceweasel (with GNASH plugin). This was with nothing but the web browser running; pegged the CPU/Resource Monitor at 100%. Though, I would assume it would work as why would people waste time making a Raspberry Pi (which is slower than a BBB) installation if it was going to play choppily.

But, if you’ve got a OS, Ubuntu by the looks of your tag, all ready then this is probably the step to use:
-The Ubuntu download appears to be the OS and XBMC all packaged up…and probably directly modified to work as only a Media Box. BUT! This OS+XBMC install is for x86 architecture only.

Other options: