BBB as standalone for programming (noob question)

Hi all,

I just got my BBB, managed to run the over-USB cloud9 blink example… awesome. But the reason I bought it in the first place is to have a small standalone computer, where I can practice my C++, learn Python and combine these with some physical computing (GPIO, I2C etc.).

So my BBB-noob question is: how? Assuming I manage to connect a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse, and given that I have absolutely no experience with linux of any kind, how do I set up a simple system for programming? It could be text-console for all I care.

Thank you very much in advance for any help, links and advice!

Kinda sounds like a thread that was discussed before. Try out this link.!searchin/beagleboard/Throw$20Me$20a$20bone/beagleboard/QhgG6cQseVg/qYY0d10w_c0J

You can also try this out:

Thanks Juan, but if I understand correctly, the post you linked to is about programming through a terminal, and I want the BeagleBone Black to be entirely standalone.
Tomorrow I should get the adapters I need to connect the board to my monitor, then I’ll be able to see what I get “out of the box” - maybe I can ask better questions then.