BBB Boot Issue

From time to time I will see the issue described in this blog post.

I also note some previous discussion on this very group about it.

Is the uboot issue widespread and will making it a specific key make it into the production repos or do we still have to patch it?

Just use the ‘flasher’ it’s been enabled by default for a few months…

And it’s been pushed upstream…;a=commit;h=07684b995b7755a2357f7fd2b1ea37f4ee096470


Great thanks. Will the script get boards in the field up to date?

Yeap it will… But remember it only touches the partition its running from. So if your running of microsd, you need to remember to manually update the emmc…


Thanks & understood. What release was it changed from? Is there a way of checking a booted board too?

It was changed with u-boot:



Perfect thank you, pretty recently then it seems.

I can’t seem to find a way of getting u-boot version from a booted userspace but pretty sure I will need to update some :smiley: