BBB build from SDK ti-sdk-am335x-evm-

Hi All,

I’ve received my BBB two days back, and after exploring a bit decided to build my own images.
Googling I found out the SDK by TI at below location : : I selected and downloaded below SDK


Linux EZSDK for BeagleBone, Beaglebone Black

A few questions on this:

  1. Which distribution is this sdk build ?

  2. There seem to be no instruction present to build it specifically for BBB… Does the build steps remain same for all the AM33xx devices say beaglebone and beaglebone black ? how do they differ ?

  3. there seem to be a git repo also present so by installing this sdk do I get a git repo or its a snapshot ? In that case how can I sync to latest changes on repo ?

Any good links pointers explaining the building from sdk specifically for BBB will be helpful.


The TI SDK is built on top of the Arago distro which is kind of based on Angstrom. Its also Open Embeded / Yacto compatible like the Angstrom distribution. So far I've had little luck finding a good tutorial for building for the BBB. I've succeeded so far in only being able to install it and make an sd card image. However, I can't figure out how to install custom packages or get cape support. If you find a good resource or would like to calaborate please let me know. Specifically, I'm working on an opensource handheld that uses ipython notebook to allow users to quickly write and edit test code for their projects. The goal is to create a graphing calculator / tablet for makers and hardware hackers. At the top of my todo list is writing a tutorial for getting the TI SDK running with the matrix gui.