BBB can ping/ssh over Ethernet using WAN, but not LAN


I am connecting to my BBB running Angstrom using “ssh” either over USB using, or remotely by enabling port-forwarding on my Belkin N+ router and using the WAN IP address from I am able to ping and ssh back and fourth between the BBB and my laptop computer with no problems, but I cannot establish communication over the LAN network.

I can tell from my router that my laptop is at and the BBB is at (also confirmed by ifconfig on both machines). Both my laptop and the BBB can successfully ping the loopback addresses (, their own IP addresses ( and, respectively), the router’s IP address (, a wireless printer on the network (, and, but they cannot ping/ssh with one another over LAN. My laptop is dual booted with Mac OSX 10.8 and Ubuntu 13.04 – neither OS works.

Obviously this isn’t of the utmost importance since I can access the BBB locally over USB or remotely over WAN – however I’m more curious than anything else why things aren’t working over LAN (which I assume should be easier than connecting over WAN).

Any ideas?

As an addendum – pinging the BBB over LAN doesn’t result in any sort of “Unknown Host” or “Host is down” errors. On MacOSX, I get "Request timeout"s and in Ubuntu the ping sort of hangs with nothing printing out to the console. After I issue an EOF with ctrl+C, I usually get 0 packets received but sometimes I get 1 packet received.

I ended up just having to reset my router to factory defaults and reconfigure it. I’m not sure what setting had to be changed but it is all working fine now. I’m sorry that I don’t know how to remove this topic, but I will mark it as being solved.