BBB & CAP RS485 <= are you interested by one ?


I wanted to tell you that in my company we used the BBB to evaluate the potential of a product based on Linux.

For this purpose we had to develop our CAP RS485. This Cap is fully compatible with the BBB ( since my patch has been implemented to the Kernel by Robert Nelson ) .

Now, we are going to move to an industrial board.

But it’s a shame to have a nice board that will be forgotten … That why I wanted to know if people would be interested by a RS485 Cap with two port ? ( UART 1 & UART 4 ) . A hello world program will be provided.

So if you are interested, please contact me and tell me how many do you want ?
If there are enough people interested we will launch a production for this CAP.

Michael Musset,

( Important we use the Pins of UART 4 so, the emmc has to be deactivated which is easily done )