BBB: clone emmc to sd


I create a system using the omap-image-builder, its working great, now after everything is as i needed i wanted to clone current emmc to a sdcard to be able to use this as my base system.

I read that a script is done for that, this one must exist at

But i have no scripts forlder in opt, so i put that bash manually but when i want to execute it i get an error “Error: script halting, system unrecognized…” and looking at the script it checks if uEnv.txt its inside uboot folder and in my system its inside boot so one folder down /boot/uEnv.txt

So before begin to edit the bash i wanted to know, what im doing wrong¿ as i suppose script will work as is


ok, solved… wrong bash file

There’s a more configurable option called “bb-beagle-flasher”, which you should find pre-installed via omap-imager-builder now…