BBB clone, NAND and linux kernel from RCN


I have a BBB cloned with NAND memory installed instead of eMMC. Having successfully compiled and using u-boot with NAND enabled I can’t enable NAND in Linux kernel provided by Robert. NAND works and is boots u-boot but Linux hangs trying to send the RESET command to the NAND chip. If I boot the TI EZSDK the NAND is successfully identified. As I understand both kernels have the same roots and are pretty similar.

Does anybody know which patch spoiled the NAND detection?

TI EZSDK is a 3.2 kernel.


Yes, it’s the one I use. BBB can work both in 3.2 and whatever is ported from 3.xxxxxxxx

Post your scheme and kernel config

some nand chip will have the lock command as default , on current driver ,You must do unlock first .

And , can you check your pinmux first ?