BBB Debian 11 Sd version official

I am sorry if I sound confused, I am.

I wonder, will there be an official Debian 11 release as the last official seems to date and I saw eMMC Debian 11 image was officialized.

Thanks for the help!

This one is listed… AM335x Debian 11.7 2023-08-05 4GB eMMC IoT Flasher - BeagleBoard


Yes, Thank you RobertCNelson, that is the eMMC version I was referring to. I am not sure if this encompass also the SD version or if an independent SD version will be officially released, this is not clear to me if its the case.

I was trying to show all those alternative version here…


Again, thank you for taking the time to help a confuse newbie, haha. I see images that are considered monthly snapshot. I do not understand the versioning scheme. The page for latest software points to the 2020 version of the SD version.

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the distro’s page is sup post to replace that… Latest Software Images - BeagleBoard