BBB Debug using Processor-SDK-Linux

Hello everyone,

I have a BeagleBone Black and I´m trying to develop in baremetal (I know that this forum is more for Linux but I think that you could help me), I was working with Starterware and PROCESSOR-SDK-RTOS -AM335X (by TI, using CCS in windows), I have debugged some examples using a JTAG (XDS100v3) it worked correctly (windows + ccs + jtag), the problem is that I don’t know how to do the same using PROCESSOR-SDK-LINUX-AM335X (because the the support for Starterware and SDK-RTOS end).

On my PC (Linux), I have installed the SDK and the CCS and I have followed the SDK installation documentation step by step ( / linux/Overview.html) and its integration with CCS (3.4.4. Code Composer Studio — Processor SDK Linux for AM335X Documentation -with-ccs) following the documentation I have reached this point correctly ( CCS Compiling), but now I want to run the program (in debug mode just like in windows), but I don’t know how to do.

For the debug (on Windows), I started a CCS project, selecting the connector (XDS100v3) and configured the project to include the PROCESSOR-SDK-RTOS-AM335X and for the debug added a “Target Configuration”, but in the example of the documentation of PROCESSOR-SDK-LINUX-AM335X the project type is “C Project”, what should be done to debug this? This may be a very simple question, but I can’t find answers.

Could someone provide me with a bit of information or documentation?

Kind regards
Fredy Gutierrez

If you are doing bare metal then you would do the same under Linux as you did in windows, use the RTOS SDK. The Linux SDK is for building a Linux kernel and probably u-boot, and building applications to run on Linux.

Thank you very much, I thought that SDK-LINUX was another proposal to develop (as in SDK-RTOS) on bare metal.