BBB + Dedbian

I’m able to successfully flash the eMMc card with the latest version of Debian (May 15?). The issue is when I try and expand the partition to include the SD Card the BBB crashes after about 10 minutes. I’m using “fdisk” to delete and recreate the partition. This seems to work, however (as I’ve said) the “Beagle” crashes. Does anyone have instructions on how this should be done or has experienced the same thing?
Thanks in advance for any help.

I have two Beaglebone Blacks, running Debian, originally these were running Angstrom, this week I move them over.

I use 30Gb usb sticks for extra storage. To set-up and use these I did the following:

To mount USB NTFS drive
apt-get install ntfs-3g
apt-get install fuse-utils

Partition USB drive
fdisk /dev/sda
mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda1

View drives and mountings.
df -H

Hope this helps.

what steps are you doing to try to do this? Maybe I’m not understanding what you are attempting to do but as I understand it it does not seem possible. what I understand from the question is that you have 2 physically separate devices (the eMMC & the SD card) and you are trying to make a single partition. you can do this where both partitions reside on a single physical device (which you don’t have) but I know of no means to do it across multiple devices. this is inharently the difference between a partition and a volume. you will need to use one as / and mount the other somewhere on the filesystem.


Thanks for the responses.

Eric, I’m using one physical BBB. In another post within this discussion group, I found a link to these instructions (but it doesn’t merge the eMMc partition with the SD partition):

Expanding File System Partition On A microSD

By default the microSD image is only about 2GB in size, to fully expand the partition to the full size of your microSD card simple run.

cd /opt/scripts/tools/
sudo ./

On the next reboot, [df -h] should show the full microSD card size.

Simon Platten posted instructions on how to partition the USB stick. I wonder if the USB stick can merged with the eMMc?

I think I still need correct instructions on merging the two: eMMC + SD or eMMc + USB