BBB: Discrepancy between Sysboot Resistor Configuration of the SRM and Schematic

Hi guys,

I was having trouble booting my BBB with a LCD connected. I was trying to confirm that the SYS_BOOT pins, which are also the LCD data pins, matched what the SRM said. After a little testing I found that the SYS_BOOT pins never totally matched the SRM even with the LCD disconnected. After a little more digging I found that there is a discrepancy between the BBB SRM and the Beaglebone Black Schematics. I am using the Rev A6 schematics dated September 11, 2013 and the Rev A6 SRM dated October 11, 2013. The sheet 6 of the schematic shows the SYS_BOOT pins configured to what is on the Beaglebone Black that I have (Its a rev A5B). On page 104 of the SRM it shows different resistor numbers and a different configuration of which ones are DNI.

Just wanted let you guys know what I found.


I will add it to my list of things to look at.


Use Figure 38 in the in the rev A6 manual.