BBB does not power on

My 2 week old BBB will not power on anymore :frowning:

It has powered up fine until now, but suddenly it simply went off power, and now I cannot get it back to life.
When I enable power from either USB and/or 5V (same result), the D1 pwr LED lits for 1/10 sec, and then goes off. And then nothing happens.
If I press S3 power, it lits another 1/10 sec and shuts off.

I have tried:

  • 5V power from the power supply that worked fine.

  • 5V power from a 1500$ power supply (which also tells me that the BBB draws 0.0002 Amps in the first split second, and hereafter 0.0000 Amps)

  • USB from my PC (both with and without the 5V). This also used to work.

It happened while I was fiddling with digital I/O on port P8_19 and P8_20 (not that I think it matters). A few other ports were also attached, but no changes made here during the power loss.

Any ideas are very welcomed!!

– Nikolaj

You have blown the board. Request an RMA.


to me it sounds like the processor is fried
what do you have connected to the gpio pins ?
they do not source or sink much current at all and are 3.3v only

This is the exact same situation I was in a few weeks ago. I had “fried” the card with a +5V hooked to the wrong pins ( yes and the GND connected ).

Sorry to say, It looked the same to me after that. Just send the card in for an RMA and get a “fixed” board.

You may want to look for “why” this card was struck down. You only get this “get out jail card” ( RMA ) once!!

My New card works great. IO now have a small white dot next to the “correct” place for that 5V wire!!!


Thanks guys!!
I have sent the board for RMA.

br, Nikolaj

My BBB does not power on at all too, I just turned it on for the first time with 5V power jack and usb connected, also HDMI was connected. after 30 sec~ it turned off and stopped working.

are you saying that the power jack has reversed pins ? (GND and VCC)

I will try to see if I can debug it tomorrow, but if you have any tips to help me as well that would be great!

The power jack can have reversed pins if your power connector on your power supply has reversed pins. As is stated in the SRM, center pin is 5V and the outer ring is ground.