BBB doesn't boot after powering down when flashing a new image


I’ve got a new Beaglebone this week.

I was trying to update it to the latest Debian image (Debian 8.3) found here:

I have downloaded the SD Card version and used the Win32 Disk Imager to write the image to the SD…

After succesfully testing it on the SD, I tried to turn the image into the eMMC doing what the website says:

“To turn these images into eMMC flasher images, edit the /boot/UEnv.txt file removing the “#” in the line 'cmdline=init=/opt/(…)”

I did that, put the SD Card in the slot, reseted the board holding the user button. It started to update.

However, after 2 hours, I though something went wrong, because the 4 LED’s did not light togheter as the procedure says…

Then I removed the power from the board… That’s were my problem begins. Now the board doesn’t boot.

I have connected a Serial to USB module to the J1 connector to debug.

If I have the SD Card connected and hold the user button while reseting, this is the message I get in the debug: