BBB eMMC uboot fails, and unable to boot from SD card?

Hi I have a BBB that uboot is corrupted. I tried to put a SD card to boot, but BBB just ignores, and unable to mount the eMMC partition in any computer.

plz advise whats next step i should do?

Did you look at the card that came in the box with a website to go to for support?

Here is where you should end up.


You need to:

  1. Remove power from the BBB
  2. Insert SD card
  3. Press and hold the boot button
  4. Connect power to the BBB

You cannot just press the reset button, you MUST physically power cycle.

You should check the FAQ section. It answers most of the questions you may have if you just bought your BBB. Here is the software section.

well, I know these common sense, just not booting from SD, my other BBB is fine.

Information like this would have been nice on your first post. Would have saved everyone a lot of time.

I suggest you request an RMA.