BBB Enclosure from Netgate

Hello –

Searched and found occasionally someone will post in re case/enclosure for BeagleBone boards.

Ordered and received an alloy case from Netgate in Austin TX. Designed for BeagleBone Black. It’s a nice case.

Anyway, looks like they are getting out of BBB biz and are offering the case for 10.95$, down from 18$. Similar in design to the former Logic Supply case.

Couple notes:

Holes for enclosure fasteners have either some anodizing, or metal, in there. So starting the fastener takes small bit of effort, on first use. Be certain to chase those threads out, so no galls get on the board.

Not shown in the product photos is the bottom, which allows M3 fasteners to mount the enclosure to standoffs or another surface.

They did a favor for me on a custom shipping request, just putting this out there.


That is nice. Serious, serious. I likey. And the price is right.

BUT I want to talk about about my dollar-store cased K150 bootleg I got from China (free shipping on Ebay). 2 dollar case and it looks awesome. Its even transparent. I’m even cool with the fact it doesn’t have an RS232 connector on it the USB works so good.

(I’m laughing so hard right now)

Go down to the dollar store and pick up a set of $1 machine screws (with nuts) and find a nice $1 plastic box (throw away whatever is in it). Then take your Harbor Freight Dremel-like tool (cutting wheel) and start cutting (after sharpy marking it out of course).

Have I ever mentioned how handy a Fiscar’s drill is? Get one…you will not be disappointed. Anyways.

But props out to ABS plastic and Altoids (don’t forget to put the little sheet of insulator at the bottom through).