BBB for an IoT device

I’ve been playing with the IoT recently with a Particle Photon and an iOS app.

I’ve been wanting to do more Linux and C++ programming so I’ve been trying to replicate some of the simple parts of my particle system on the BBB and a C++ app. I’m cross compiling on my Mac with eclipse and the arm linux cross compiler and it’s all going well on the C++ app for reading temperatures, some logging, and some IO control.

Where I’ve hit a stumbling block is on the IoT part. I need a cloud platform and SDKs for Linux and iOS to replicate those functions of the Particle offering.

I found the Amazon AWS IoT and thought it looked just the ticket. Except its in Beta and has plenty of info if you want to use Java etc but programming in C or C++ it’s almost like you’re on your own trying to piece together the confusing array of files in multiple directories. I’m getting nowhere being able to compile it never mind use it.

Has anyone else used it? If not does anyone have any suggestions on an alternative that will do the job and is documented so I can actually use it in C++?