BBB gets stuck during bootup @ i2c i2c-2: SCL is stuck low, exit recovery

Quite often my BBB gets stuck during bootup. Allways at “i2c i2c-2: SCL is stuck low, exit recovery”

When I reset a couple of times it boots up okay.

My BBB runs from an SD card with Debian 4.1.17-ti-rt-r46.


Did you by any chance find a fix to the issue. I am also facing a similar problem where my i2c-1 gets stuck with “Arbitration Lost and RT throttling activated” message.

Thanks and Regards
Ison Thomas

Hi Ison,

Unfortunately no.
I switched to an Arch Linux image, which ran without problems.

Best regards,

Thanks Jelle,

Fortunately, mine was an issue with the i2c slave hardware. :). Its working now. Changing the Linux Image was not an option for me.. :slight_smile:

Ison Thomas