BBB has network unavailible


I was running an upgrade on on my BBB when the power failed. After that apt-get was giving me several errors on some packages: open ssh-server, dbus-x11, apache2.2-common, rsyslog, apache2, apache2-mpm-worker. So I tried fixing things myself but think I deleted them. Now I can’t connect to the BBB at all. I was able to start it with a monitor and get a terminal, since the graffics won’t load. But nothing with network works, so I don’t know how to re-install anything. What can I do to get my system running again? I don’t have any files that I need to keep.

Go to:

Find the section titled:

“Update board with latest software”
and follow the instructions to reload the software into the eMMC.

You will need a microSD card of at least 4 GB, and I recommend 8 GB or more, but not larger than 32 GB.

You will need a microSD card reader/writer for your host computer.

— Graham