BBB - images: Where to find on the Homepages?


on the BeagleBoard homepage I get simply lost when I am looking for the latest image (09.04). As a starting point I choose:

First approach: ==> Support ==> Software Support ==> on the right side ‘Download Images’ ==> BBB ==> no link for the 09.04-image
(Sorry, I just discovered after close inspection the update link. Perhaps a little bit more highlighting is helpful? Resp. the connection between Download Image and Update Image is not THAT obvious in a quick read!)

Second approach:

Somehow I found ==> but there is only 06.20 image, no hint to the 09.04 image. I really have no clue how I landed on THAT page via the Homepage, but I guess this was due to the BBB-start-page.

Third approach:

Fortunately Gerald posted the link

from which I can download the latest image.

So, I would suggest to provide for a Newbie (like me) more direct links for downloading the latest Amstrong image - which I see as a newcomer highly important. The ongoing an in-depth links I appreciate as well, but don’t excuse a quick check possibility for the latest image without clicking around in depths. Since I found the latest image, I guess I’m not any longer a Newbie :wink: [Succeeded with my first quest :wink: ]


Just follow the link on the little white card that came in the box with the board. Please, read the card.