BBB is a great home server but printing is a challenge

I had a windows desktop PC running an X10 based home control program and being used as file backup for my laptops. It was power hungry and noisy because of the fans. I boldly decided to replace it with a $45 BBB running Linux and consuming around 5 watts. I installed a console version of Angstrom which leaves me lots of space on the built-in 2 Gb flash. The home control software is heyu and heyu web interface. I like them better than the Windows software that I had on the PC. They are more reliable and easier to interface to with C or sh programs. I bought a $5 USB audio adapter to generate the barks of a mean dog when motion is detected. It works perfect. I use samba to do my backups onto USB flash drives plugged into the BBB. Works more reliably than the PC.
I am so happy with Linux and the BBB that I wanted to do one more thing with it, printing. I have an older HPlaserJet printer that is no longer supported by Windows but works well with CUPS and HPLIP on a Linux PC. I installed CUPS from Angstrom but had to download the source version of HPLIP. I managed to make it and install it but not to get it to work. I gave up but maybe someone smarter and more knowledgeable has already done it. Anyone?

HPLIP is not available for angstrom…if u found CUPS.

By the way I am using linux 13.10 on bbb using sdcard its work good. and easily getting Linux packages for printer or other… why you not try this…?
or if u successfully enable printer then share with me ur solution please.

chintan k.

Hi Chintan

Thks for the reply. I assume that when you say Linux, you mean Ubuntu Linux 13.10? Since posting this question, I have switched to Ubuntu 13.04, console only. I installed CUPS and it works fine. However I have not been able to find drivers for my 2 printers, an HPLJ 1012 and a Lexmark S400. For the HP, there was a semi compatible driver that I am using and that lets me print from the BBB but I can’t print from Windows. Workaround: I print to a pdf file on the BBB. When that file gets created, a script is triggered to print the file and move it into an archive directory. Works fine. However I would love to find a driver for the USB connected Lexmark.


Hello, thnx for communicate,
using CUPS are u able to print some other printer…? (if avoid this two…)
because I was try to communicate printer canon mf4450. but not get succeed. bcs of driver issue.
if u done other printer please guide me. how to follow the procedure. I am new with bone.

Thank you.
chintan k.

I also trouble to mount USB FLASH with BBB…
every time followed the mount procedure to mount removable drive.
In angstrom OS there was no need to mount usb pen drv…automatically take it in /media…
but how do this in 13.10. Please help me.


I will try to help but I did this some time ago and being an old man, my memory is failing me.

Using CUPS I can print to my HPLJ printer from my BBB but not from Windows. Windows seems to need a driver to print to a networked printer and it does not have one for the HPLJ 1012. A friend had no problem printing from an iPad.

I installed CUPS probably with apt-get install. I have CUPS version 1.6.2. I also installed hplip. I plugged my HPLJ 1012 into a USB port and did lsusb. It listed “Bus 001 Device 005: ID 03f0:0d17 Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 1012”. From my Windows PC, using Chrome, I connected to CUPS on my BBB with http://bbb:631 where bbb is my BBB and 631 is the port used by CUPS. From there it’s easy. I just did Add printer and my HPLJ 1012 was listed so I selected it. I selected "

The good news is that it can be made to work. I had 2 USB flash drives on my BBB at some point. The bad news is that I originally had same problems as you have and I don’t remember how I resolved them. I must have found a solution on this board or some other.

Thank you sir
for printer.
and yesterday I was resolve my USB host issue. Now At a time I am using PENDRIVE, BLUETOOTH or other USB devices without mounting on usb 4 port extension…

I am use just package

apt-get install usbmount

it is open USB host to auto mount.:slight_smile:

Thank you
chintan k.

Hello sir
Using hp printer in linux pc it is asked automatic install to driver package.

But in beaglebone no GUI so how I do …! Not unable to print…(
Cups and hplip is already on bbb
Any other packages is required…?


perhaps you could try to use p910nd. It not need to install any additional printer drives on BBB but it only spoils the connection between printer connected to USB on eg. BBB and the host system from where you want print from.


Hello Yves,
It is nice to know that it is really possible to make this setup work. I have struggled with this quite some time without success. My BBB runs Ubuntu 12.04 and CUPS 1.5.3 and I can log into its web site and add printers and printer drivers. All is fine - but - I just cannot print. Printing on a client returns something about waiting for authentication, and printing from the console of the BBB returns “lp: Not allowed to print.”
I have searched and followed various recipes without success. And I have a feeling that my cups.conf is still not 100% correct. I wonder if you might have some hint up your sleeve - maybe a working sample cups.conf that I could use to test on or something else that can get me out of the swamp.



I must admit, I have never attempted to set this up myself. But I do have lots of experience with Samba. The symptom you describe above sounds like a very likely samba misconfiguration. But again . . . I’ve no hands on with your situation . . .