BBB is not working well

I flashed the eMMC and after the 4LEDs comes on when I booted from SD card, the BBB now boot without SD card but it cannot boot to command terminal for me to login, it will bring message tty1, sername:[password is tempdd], usb1192.168.7.2. I have lost the default eMMC, I follwed the instruction in Nelson wiki to write to the SD card in windows OS, but i got a message while installing win32diskimage that the code requires elevation, and it couldn’t installed as it should, but i went ahead to write to the SD card which installed, Later I insert the SD card in the BBB and it boots until the 4 LEDs are not fliclkering but the booting will bring the message tty1, sername:[password is tempdd], usb1192.168.7.2 and will remain like that.
Please i need every help to fix this so that I can use the board for the project I am working on. I really appreciate.

Win32diskimage needs to be started with administrator privileges, so maybe try to rewrite the image to your SD card using win32diskimage in administrator mode, reflashing the eMMC and try again.

Also use a 5v power supply when flashing the image.
The USB can't source enough current.