BBB issue to Connet

Hi all!!
I have a problem with my BBB because i installed the drivers but the gadget serial appears the next form:
appears with exclamation symbol and when I try to open the embebed web site of the BBB ( apperars just this:

Index of /
Node-RED-ui.html 02-Sep-2023 18:01 222
Node-RED.html 02-Sep-2023 18:01 219
VSCode.html 02-Sep-2023 18:01 219

do you know what happen?

IT’s operating, VSCode is disabled, so just ssh in debian@ and enable it:

sudo systemctl enable --now bb-code-server


Thank you very much @RobertCNelson for you quick answer.
i am new in the use the BBB so i need more help of you. how is the file that i have to change to can do the thing that you describe.
best regards,

Here you go, it’s pre-enabled:


Hi @RobertCNelson I download the image that you share me and i can not update the eMMC.
I change the file uEnv in the folder of boot and i give the the sequence to update the eMMC but it is not run.
Attached the file uEnv, what is the others file that i must change?
uEnv.txt (1,7 KB)

Just use the flasher in that base directory:

With VSCode enabled, a swapfile is required, probably blew thru the 4GB eMMC size…