BBB: Load dtbo from partition 2


I have Beaglebone Black with me. I am using beagle-bone-10.3-debian OS. I see that uboot loads dtbo from /lib/firmware folder of first partition. I have created a new partition and want to load the dtbos from the second partition. How do I modify the uEnv to change the partition from which the dtbo is to be loaded?

Sai Kiran.

You can find the source of u-boot used here: Files · · / u-boot · GitLab

It’s really recommend to keep the overlays in the same partition as the normal linux boot files, but go for it…


I do not want to recompile uboot. Is it still possible to change the dtbo location, using uEnv.txt?

Two locations are hard-coded for overlays, anywhere else you’ll need to patch and rebuild u-boot.

/boot/dtbs/`uname -r`/overlays/

Both of which are assumed to be on the same partition as /boot/uEnv.txt


After recompiling u-boot with the changes, where should I place the u-boot.bin file. I do not see any binary in the first partition. I guess it is present next to MBR. I am not sure how to replace the existing uboot binary with the new one. Could you throw some light on that?


sudo dd if=MLO of=/dev/mmcblk0 count=2 seek=1 bs=128k
sudo dd if=u-boot-dtb.img of=/dev/mmcblk0 count=4 seek=1 bs=384k


MLO is same as u-boot binary, right? After compiling u-boot, I see the following files
u-boot(this is shown as executable)

Could you point out where in the u-boot source code, I can modify the overlays location(i.e, load dtbos from 2nd or 3rd partition)?

Nope, there will be a file named “MLO” after successful building…


Sure go wild: