BBB MMC bare metal demo program

Hi 2 all 'bone programmers.
The starterware MMC port is finally finished.
This is a great opportunity to learn MMC and FAT32 architecture.
As well as ARM assembly, IRQ, DMA, image building etc…
on a wickedly powerful IoT platform, the BBB!
It builds under GNU/GCC, all the makefile stuff is there.
It was a long time coming. The TI code was very well written,
but also unnecessarily complicated. Well, I removed all that.
So, now you can use/mod/hack it with relative confidence
for your IoT project.

hack on my brothers…dd (395 KB)

Is this somehow related to the free StarterWare project at Sourceforge? If no: any chance it will be integrated there?

Hi Mike. It is not related to the sourceforge starterware project, but they are free to rip it.
I had a look at them, i did not see anyone spearheading the project.
It would be great to have a collaboration of contributors, this is a huge undertaking.
we really need a real-time library that we can build on.

hack on brothers…dd

Have you tried to submit a patch? The project itself seems to be alive, last change was done only one month ago:

And this seems to be the maintainer of the project:

IMHO, Starterware, needs more than patches. It is a good educational tool, but the code really needs to be streamlined if it is to be used as a serious platform.