BBB_Monitor: Amazing Management Interface for BeagleBone Black

Hi everybody,
I’ve developped a single interface that could bring many of BBB functionnalities,
for now, this software propose some sub-interface for each supported component or functionnality.

It will soon allow you to not only interact by graphical interface but also by dedicated files that could be easily read and wrote from an external script or program.

All supported functions are listed below,
if you are interested, here is the project website:

Default managment interfaces:

  • GPIO Interface [ set I/O mode, H/L state and none/rising/falling interrupt to selected GPIO ports ].

  • PWM Interface [ set frequency and duty cycle to selected PWM ports ].

  • ADC Interface [ read values of all ADC ports ].

  • I2C Interface [ read/write bytes on specific I2C address].

Extended component managment:

  • Webcam support [ face tracking, color tracking, motion detection ]

  • HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Ranging Module (firmware + interface) [ measure distance ].

  • Generic Piezoelectric transductor (firmware + interface) [ playing RTTTL songs & tones ].

  • Generic Servomotor manager (interface only) [ calibrate / set the rotation angle ].

Other functionnalities:

  • XML import/export of component configuration.

Here is an example of face recognition using a webcam:

Don’t hesitate to feedback your interrest / experience :wink: