BBB more reliable than Raspberry Pi - SD card corruption?


I’m currently running a data logging application on a Raspberry Pi, I’m running into a lot problems with SD card corruption. I’m looking into moving it to run on a Beagle Bone Black via the EMMC rather than external SD card.

I’m using the latest Ubuntu Saucy image, flashed to the EMMC. Where the BBB will be housed there may well be random power outages, though it will hopefully be through a UPS.

Without a proper shutdown sequence am I going to risk corruption on the EMMC?

Are people having better stability with the BBB compared to the Pi?


Yes.. It doesn't matter what arm device you use. Without a proper
shutdown, any media will eventually get corrupted with random power

Things that help:
1: use 'noatime' on mount to limit writes
2: read-only root file system

or just get a ups..


Is that the case now with your Pi implementation? No proper shutdown?

The EMMC is subject to FS corruption from improper shutdown same as any media. In general I try to keep the FS utilization to under 60 to 70%. Give the thing lots of room to wear-level, especially with an OS that likes to write crap to disk constantly.

Thanks, I will take that into account and work around it best I can.

Again thanks for your input.


I’m working on a PCB now to mate with some software to allow the user to press a button, which will send a long GPIO signal to the ARM system. A daemon process monitors that GPIO and does an orderly shutdown when it goes low. The daemon also sets another GPIO high as it begins to shutdown. When that line falls low again after the board powers down then the external power switch cuts the power completely. This was designed to plug into my own power distribution board for a robot.

Might be not-to-difficult to make up a carrier board for that PCB that just feeds the BBB (or a RaspPi) with a barrel connector and a two-pin cable. If the prototypes function right I could send you one.

The other thing to try for any partition that you need to write to, is to
use a file system that is designed for use on such media. There are several
but you would need to see which fitted your needs.


here’s how i solved it using a single pushbutton to safely turn on and off the bbb…
comments welcome.

Cleaver! As long as you are not controlling power to other things that is extremely cool.

I Completed my data logging project with arduino to SD-card.
It runs without any problems 2 years ago.
It writes to a txt file on the sd-card and then i filter the corrupted records manually which occure due to
power down situations.