BBB not connecting on MAC over USB


I have been exploring BBB Industrial from a week.
I have used it on my work PC with Windows and linux.

I used it initially on my Mac at home via USB I could connect to the address sometimes, but sometimes the IP address would not get assigned automatically by DHCP and I would need to force my machine to be and then the BBB would connect.

But now, my Mac shows the BeagleBone in the networks, doesn’t get assigned IP address through DHCP. Doesn’t ping the BBB even if I force my mac at
I know the BBB is still at because once I tried to use this IP for mac and it gave a warning that another device on the network already has this address.

I have tried Iot eMMC image of version 12.2 and 11.7

This issue is not happening on the linux and windows.

Any ideas on diagnosing it?