BBB not working well with Mac Yosemite

Hi, I got a new bbb, and want to test under mac yosemite. I’ve got the drivers installed, but sometimes my mac just freeze and force me to reboot, anyone share the same experience?

The cable is working well on Windows 7.

I read someone said the usb driver is working perfectly well on Maverick and Yosemite. Could anyone advise how could I use the board smoothly on Mac Yosemite please? Thanks a lot!!

Does it not work at all or will it just not connect to the internet? I’ve got mine working and can get into it but if i try and share the internet connection it locks the machine.

it seems due to the ftdi driver for mac yosemite, i read some others share the same issue after upgrading to maverick / yosemite

Are there no solutions to this problem?

I’m trying to use some BBBs I got a couple months back and I can’t seem to use them at all.

They also don’t seem to be accessible by Ethernet. I’m not sure why this doesn’t just work by default?

I have always been able to log in to my BBBs via ethernet.
as its sent its setup for DHCP
as long as you have a DHCP server setup on your network
and you know the IP address which can normally be found using a program
to search your network
or by looking in your routers web page that lists connected devices.

as for talking to them via USB its always been hit and miss for me even
on windows


What problem is that? Why don’t you do this. Make a new post, and be very explicit / verbose as to what you’ve attempted to do.

One thing I do know though. Is that there is a Mac utility that has to do with DHCP, or something that is completely “whack” on OSX mountain lion I believe, that was causing g_ether to fail. Not just for the beaglebone black, but for everything. SO perhaps this is related.

Passed that, the only advice I can give you is to use a virtualbox Linux virtual machine, and develop on that. I do not use OSX personally, but do use virtual machines quite extensively when prototyping code for the BBB. Not because my OS ( Windows ), and communicate with the board, but because Linux development is best done on Linux, and not developing code natively on the BBB keeps me from ruining the onboard, or sdcard flash media . . .