BBB Part Alternates (Industrial Temperature Range, and availability issues)

I’ve been looking through the BOM for the BeagleBone Black to sort out alternatives for an industrial variant (lead times through my normal supplier keep going up). I noticed some parts were not stocked by any major distributors with long factory lead times. I suspect these components may be to blame for my supply chain troubles. Can anyone validate the alternative parts below?

U12: Alliance Memory AS4C256M16D3LB-12BIN

Y2: Abracon ABM3C-24.000MHZ-D4Y-T

I’m having a hard time finding alternates for the following components:
U11, D8 (limited availability)

For D8 in particular, can anyone point out the critical parameters to match?

Also, the only option listed for P10 is Obsolete. Does anyone have an alt. for that component?