BBB power supply question(s)

Using a new BeagleBone Black and I have a simple Python test script that is configured

to execute on BBB bootup. I need it to work without connecting to the host pc (USB connection).

Question: Can the BBB be powered by the external 5 VDC and the USB at the same time,

or is that a power conflict issue?

Question: If powering the BBB with the external 5 VDC power supply, is there a danger in

corrupting the Debian OS by powering down the BBB (no shutdown) ?

No power conflict. it is is discussed in the manual.

Yes, you can get corruption.


Thank you for your reply, one obstacle out of the way :slight_smile:
I just ordered the Beaglebone book: “Exploring BeagleBone: Tools and Techniques for Building with Embedded Linux”
by Dekek Molloy .I also read that I can shut down the board (power) by pressing the power button on the BBB. So that seems
to be the way to shutdown the board and not corrupt the memory.

There is still an issue: By using the systemctl file.service method , it does not pass the python print outputs to the ssh when connected
using the host PC → BBB.
However, if executing the script directly (no systemctl used), the print function works as expected.
Question: Is there a way allow this to work when using systemctl method?

Question: I still can not figure out how to use the ‘forum’. I am not sure the proper method to login and sign off.

I do appreciate you assistance and I thank you!

I think the best way to shut down BBblack is to use SSH to
Then use the linux command SUDO shutdown -h now

Sorry, I meant to write:

sudo shutdown -h now


John: Thanks for the reply. I have used the power button on the BBB and it looks like it exits the OS (Debian) in a manner similar to
pressing and holding the power button on a PC. I have tried that numerous times at so far no negative effects. I agree that communicating
by using the host shell (ssh) to the BBB and then the shutdown method. I am thinking that sometime in the future I will want to have a
project that will be stand alone, no host involved.

BTW, is there a section on the forum that I can get the 'rules' on how to login, post and logout?

Once again, thanks for the help. I am hoping that when I get the book recently ordered will address a lot of metods and features in the
use of the BBB.