BBB Rev. A5B - Serial console problems

Hi there

I have been trying to connect to my BBB Rev. A5B by serial and haven’t managed to get any fully functional serial communication.
I use minicom with 115200 8N1 and get som action on the screen but gibberish data is appearing. Seems like it is some baudrate issue but it doesn’t matter what I change it to it stays like this.

I hooked the board up with a USB-to-serial converter from Trendnet, see here:

Is there some issue with Rev. A5B ?


There is no issue with the A5B. We use that port to test every board that goes out and always have.

Now, the cable you are using, well that will certainly blow up the buffer sooner or later if it hasn’t already. That is an RS232 cable. We use TTL cables at 3.3V.

Go here to get a line on the right cable and as long as the buffer still works, you should be OK.


Hi Gerald and thank you for you response.

This was a big oversight and on my behalf, I was a bit hasty posting here because I hadn’t looked at the schematics or done much reading.
One of those days when you forget to think :-/
Apologize for this post and thanks again.


Not a problem. You will have helped others that read this later for sure.