BBB server images


So far I only found desktop images (with graphical user interface) for my brand new BBB.

Are there (pure) server images available?

If yes, for which distributions, where to find … ?


You should use the console image:

So this would be this one:


or even better this one:


Is that correct?

Sorry … newbie … :frowning:

Yeah, this would run Debian 7.9 (Wheezy) from microSD card with a
minimal number of pre-installed packages (e.g. "console", no GUI

This would be the same software as above but it would install
("flash") it onto the BeagleBone's on-board storage (eMMC). It will
take some additional time over the above method, but then you don't
need to boot off microSD card in the future.

Personally, I prefer to always use the microSD images and not use the
eMMC-flasher image. I like being able to easily swap microSD cards to
run different versions of Debian depending on the project I'm working


On Sat, 6 Feb 2016 08:19:27 -0800 (PST), geohei
<> declaimed the

So this would be this one:

or even better this one:

  As the name implies, the second one is going to automatically reflash
the eMMC that is on the BBB. The first one will leave the eMMC alone and
boot from the uSD card (unless a file is modified to specify that it should
act as a flasher instead)

Ok. That makes it very clear now.
Thanks a lot for the explanations!

One more question …

What about The Jessie (8.3) eMMC console versions?
They are still inside the directory “testing”.
Are they unstable meaning should I avoid these?

"testing" doesn't mean "unstable"..

"testing" just means they aren't directly listed on:

until they do, like 2016-01-24 ...