BBB TP5/6/7/8 (external battery) mechanical location

I’m designing a cape for my BBB which should mate with a 2x2 pin header soldered into TP5/6/7/8, as well as the main connectors P8 and P9. In the system reference manual, exact locations are given for P8 and P9 relative to the standard cape board edges, but I need to know the location of the battery TPs relative to some (any) other datum, e.g. the offset of TP5 relative to P9 pin 2. I don’t have commercial CAD or PCB layout software to open the original design files. Could someone give me a measurement (preferably obtained in software, not by attempted measurement of a physical board)?



You can download a free viewer for Allegro and measure it.


For those who would rather not go through that pain, a vector from P9 pin 2 to TP8 is (0.095, 0.145) inches, where the first component is running across the short dimension of the board, toward the USB connector, and the second component is running along the long dimension of the board, toward the 5V power connector.

Disclaimer: you should verify these numbers before relying on them.