BBB u-boot lab, and what cool commands can one run within u-boot?

followup to earlier post, i'm writing some pages for students to
follow along in building u-boot for a BBB -- here's the new, generic
u-boot page:

and here's the BBB-specific one:

nothing particularly earth-shaking, just meant to be a recipe that
should just *work* for students and get them a functioning u-boot on
an SD card.

  now, beyond that, i want to list all the commands the class can run
while in u-boot to poke around their BBB. i have a *very* dated page

that i'm going to update, but i'm open to suggestions as to what other
things people find useful or entertaining to run at the u-boot prompt
to examine the properties of their BBB, and i'll add those to the
current BBB u-boot page. thanks.


short followup on earlier post, i have my ongoing page for u-boot on
the BBB:

and have added a link at the bottom for a separate page just for neat
things you can do from u-boot on a BBB:

that list is obviously just the beginning, much more to come ... the
point is to show the class how much they can learn about their board
from the u-boot prompt before booting any further.

  more commands coming (i2c, gpio, ...) but does anyone have
suggestions for what else can be added there? all content will be
publicly available, no restrictions.