BBB Ubuntu 12.04 image

Hey guys,

As promised. Ubuntu 12.04 BBB image for the Chipsee 7” 1024x600 LCD touchscreen.

Grab it here:

You should find yourself downloading bbb-ubuntu-12.04-for-community.xz

Just extract and write that to your SD card (4gb expected) with something like:

cat bbb-ubuntu-12.04-for-community.xz | xz -d > /dev/sdX

Note it’s a raw sector dump NOT a tarball, so extract straight to your SD card device. (eg. /dev/sdx, NOT /dev/sdx1)

Also note this image doesn’t install or boot from MMC so make sure you’ve got the SD card selected on the boot switch thing.

Once the extract is complete, simply slap it into the BBB and boot. It should come up with the Chipsee splash screen but then
boot into Ubuntu 12.04 after a while.

Hope this helps.


I"ve been using this for a while. Is there a way to stop it from searching for internet? It takes forever to boot if my cable is not attached.

Also I saw that chipsee now has debian for the cape. Anyone know how I can get a copy

Chipsee works with the newer 3.14 based kernel:


Dude, You’re a legend!

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Christian Ruocco