BBB Ubuntu Raring: FFMPEG / OpenCV

I have a ucv camera connected to the BBB. It’s powered through the 5v and the camera light turns on. I can see it fine in the usb. I’ve tried taking a picture through multiple different avenues and have gotten the following errors. Does anyone have any helpful tips to figuring this out?

  • Python OpenCV:

import cv2

capture =
VIDIOC_QUERYMENU: Invalid argument
VIDIOC_QUERYMENU: Invalid argument
VIDIOC_QUERYMENU: Invalid argument

  • FFMPEG just stalls after the following and doesn’t actually record a frame.

ubuntu@arm:~$ ffmpeg -f video4linux2 -i /dev/v4l/by-id/usb-Alcor_Micro__Corp._USB_2.0_PC_Camera-video-index0 -vframes 1 /home/ubuntu/test.jpeg
ffmpeg version 0.8.6-6:0.8.6-1ubuntu2, Copyright © 2000-2013 the Libav developers
built on Mar 31 2013 01:04:55 with gcc 4.7.2
This program is only provided for compatibility and will be removed in a future release. Please use avconv instead.

Note that both methods work on my laptop (mac osx).

Same here.
Did you find any solution?


This was a while ago, but iirc, It happens when there isn’t enough current. The solution is to make sure that the BBB was turned on via the barrel power with the camera connected. If you’re running the ucv camera off of an auxiliary powered hub, then you don’t need to have it connected first, but you do need to have the barrel power plugged into the BBB before turning it on. This is because otherwise the 5v flag is switched to off.

The webcam works fine with fswebcam. Only ffmpeg hangs… :frowning: