BBB undetected by computer (micro-USB, win10)

My BBB Wireless ( is undetected on win10, tested with several computers.
I have tried flashing the board with eMMC-image BBB-eMMC-flasher-debian-7.4-2014-03-26-2gb.img.xz (latest eMMC,
and SD-card debian image from

All flashes was performed using the boards boot-button, i have not tried nano-configuring bootup.
I am able to connect to the board through wifi using SSH with PuTTy
Multiple micro-SD cables have been used, and multiple USB-ports on two computers.
Drivers have been reinstalled using “driver-signature” mode bootup on win10.

Is there a way to check the micro-USB port status or reconfigure it using PuTTy, or any other way i can troubleshoot this issue?

That old image isn't going to work.

All images can be converted to eMMC flashers by editing one file:

Grab the 2018-10-07 image.