BBB video processing

Hi everyone…my project involves devolping a standalone system for image and video processing… initially i heard Raspberry pi can do multimedia tasks better than BBB… but after exhaustive search through discussion forums i found that pi is not an attractive choice for my needs…

components involved are

camera===>BBB===>Zigbee module…

Power supply <==== portable USB baterry /powercape


-capturing a live video stream using a cam attached to BBB
-processing the captured data(some kind of compressions)
-send the compressed data wirelessly using a zigbee module attached to BBB

my doubts are

  • can BBB capture video streams from a camera?
    -If yes, what are the cams which are economical to buy??
    -can BBB process videos with openCV installed on it??
    -can a Zigbee module be attached to BBB??
    -can i be able to operate BBB with batteries(two no.s) or a portable usb battery ??

since am a beginner in embedded linux platform please kindly suggest me tutorials and books which i can go through to master the use of BBB with openCV and interfacing BBB with Zigbee module.

I am looking forward your views and suggestions which will be greatly helpful for me… thanks in advance.

Hi Lingesh

First do not use zigbee for transferring images. The technology is not meant for doing that meaning the datarates are way lower. use a wifi dongle or a connect it to lan.
Coming to usb cams use any logitech usb cam. It has good support in linux. Have used it in linux but not in BBB. On how to use just google “deric malloy opencv”