BBB VS Radiation?

Hi everyone,

I am part of a student-run society, at university, that is responsible for designing a CubeSat satellite. We are attempting to use the BeagleBone Black as the on-board computer, however we have concerns with bit flips and single-event upsets that can be caused by radiation. Of course we will be using some shielding, but I would be interested to know if similar projects were undertaken and also what you guys think about the BBB’s tolerance to radiation.

Thank you!

I know this has been done before. You might try googling it. I think the BeagleBone was used in one before. You could also try searching this email list.


Hey Justin!

if fully industrial version of a BBB clone can help you to struggle radiation then I can donate you one :slight_smile:

Where did you obtain this industrial version of BBB? I would be interested in that board as well.

Dennis Cote

There is no such thing as an official industrial version. If you were to replace all the parts with industrial parts and pay the extra money, then conceivably you can have one.


Hi Dennis!

it’s a clone of BBB with some extra features.


Hi Lisa,

I was searching the web for the same issue and came across this post. I am also working with a team at my university and looking to put a board into space on a CubeSat. Is this opportunity still available to receive donated boards? If so, I would definitely be interested. Thanks in advance.