BBB will not boot from SD card with USB device plugged in

I have 10 BBB from 4 years ago and 10 from 2 years ago. When I have a USB device plugged in, the BBB will not boot android from SD card every time. This does not happen with the older BBB and is random on the new BBB. I do receive babble interrupt error. I also measured the voltage out of the USB port on the BBB and it is 5 volts when it boots and about 3 mV when it doesn’t boot. I have tried power supply with 5V and 3 amps but this does not resolve the issue. I have tried different distros of Linux and this does not help. When the BBB does not boot, it resumes when the USB is unplugged. I am desperate and looking for help. If there are any contractors who can assist that anyone knows I would appreciate their info.