BBB wont boot

About me, I have owned and used a Raspberry Pi for over a year, I have use Arduino platform for over a year. I have made Complex Robots and many experiments. I have made my Chromebook boot into Debian Linux, and have has my Nexus 7 Table also Boot into Linux too. So I have some experience and will understand some complex and most all basic idea.

About my BBB, It’s new out of box. It is accessible via USB directly to PC and I can access the HTML file and other folders.I cannot however get it to boot up like a R-Pi boots. I have hooked it to a USB hub and µHDMI cable, along with a 2A 5v power brick to barrel connector.

It boots up but leaves me with a black screen and a graphic of a dog and I have tried it without the USB hub too and I have imaged a µSD card and tried to boot from it and it recreates the same results.

I am not tring to do anything fancy here, just trying to get it up and running.

the lights seem to be all working as they should for their assigned roles.


Turn off your monitor's overscan. The panel for "lxde" is on the
bottom. (below the dog)



that’s awesome, I’ll Try it out after my wife is done dictating chores.

My answer to the problem with your direction and help in the end was to load up Xfce and then create a swapfile on the 4GB memory space to take care of all the lag. Now it is peppy and the Xfce is much better than the lxde. Thanks for all your help. That was way to funny, sure enough My monitor/TV was not very compatible with the ldxe, I was never able to get it all the way correct, but with Xfce it is nice.

Have a great weekend