BBB won't talk to me

Some time ago I bought a BBB from Adafruit. When I tried to load it nothing happened. I went to the BBB Start page on the web and loaded the drivers as instructed but when I tried to go to, I got a “not found” error. I loaded the flasher image from the web as instructed, unzipped, put on a microSD, installed, and rebooted with Switch pressed, went to, still nothing. I then used the non-flash image and rebooted with that image, still nothing. I bought the Serail-USB cable ant connected it as instructed, Windows(7) found a Serial port as com18 but it did not show up in File manager nor would Putty connect when set to Com18-115200 Baud. At this point because my project would use more than 1 BBB, I ordered another from Adafruit. This one worked immediately. At this point several months have elapsed, do I contact Adafruit or is there another path to take?