BBBlue cannot connect

After enabling wifi and using it for a week, I decided I need to go back to using the USB tether. (Bad idea !)
This is how I got myself into this situation:

connmanctl t> tether wifi on < passphrase>
wifi disable

now I cannot connect to BBBlue either by tether or wifi

Because BBBlue doesn’t have a card and no way to re-flash to file system, and doesn’t have a head I am afraid this renders the board useless.

Any other ways forward ?

Opps, I just found the card slot on the back, … I see the path forward.

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The plan for my project was to connect a BBBlue (HW interface) to a Jetson Nano (Guidance) via tether during deployment (no wifi).

I used wifi for updating and downloading, but now I need the tether only.

How do I switch back to tether ( using to connect from host) ?

Last time I tried this I had to re-flash the BBBlue because when I turned off wifi I then had no connection at all.

Thanks in advance.