BBBW flash and connection problems


I got my BBBW board and it was great. I followed the instructions and tried to flash the memory using the latest image in the SD card.

I couldnt get it working for a while then finally the cylon or knightrider pattern started off. I left it to finish flashing but within few minutes, the power, wifi and bluetooth lights are all on and no more cylon pattern. I thought it may not have worked so I tried it couple more times but the cylon thing happened only once.

After this, I could not get the board to connect via usb from ubuntu. The board lights up, I am guessing the bootup process starts but pretty soon all the USB0-4 lights go on and they stay on. But if I leave the card in the SD slot and then connect to usb using a cable, it starts and I can connect.

But I still cannot get to connect using ssh via terminal. It keeps giving me “Host key verification failed”. I tried resetting it by running ‘ssh-keygen -R’ followed by hostname but it keeps asking me for root password for bbb.

Please tell me how I can restore my default image or how can get the new image flashed so that I can get things working again.