BBBW Operating Temperature

I was trying to find the operating temperatures for the BBBW but I could not find any official documentation other than that of the octavo processor. can perhaps someone shed some light or point me to the right direction

Here's the full "original" bom:

only 75 parts to research to figure out the temperature range..

Then factor in 3 OEM's swapping in components due to supply/demand...
GHI, Element14, and Seeed :wink:


If you have a need for extended temperature range, check out the BeagleBone Black Industrial from element14. -40 to +85 C


Unfortunatly out of stock :frowning: has them in stock. I’ve ordered from Arrow before and, even though they show the Black in the picture, it is the red-colored element14 board that arrived. It’s the ITEMP modifier that you want to look for.